Tuesday, April 24, 2018

All LG 2018 TVs. Line-up UK


All models of LG LED and OLED TV that can be found in UK stores during 2018. This list of TVs begin to be presented in January 2018 but do not reach the stores until April 2018, at a price too high in the moment of its launch. We recommend buying these models until June. When is the best time to buy an LED TV?

LG does not present great innovations in its range of televisions 2018. LG LED TVs were already the best option to buy the best at a reasonable price and is still this 2018, the difference in image quality and design will be little, although They include a new processor. Smart is webOS 4.0 and improves with the Google Assistant function.
NanoCell LCD-LED TVs can improve the image quality compared to the 2017 models, especially the SK9000 and SK9500.
LG 2018 TVs do not include 3D and all their screens are flat: like most 2018 and 2017 models of all brands.


C8 Review
  • LG 55C8
  • LG 65C8
  • LG 77C8
B8 Review
  • LG 55B8
  • LG 65B8

Super UltraHD 4K NanoCell

SK9500 Review
  • LG 55SK9500
  • LG 65SK9500
SK8500 Review
  • LG 49SK8500
  • LG 55SK8500
  • LG 65SK8500
SK8100 Review
  • LG 55SK8100
  • LG 65SK8100
  • LG 75SK8100
SK8000 Review
  • LG 49SK8000
  • LG 55SK8000
  • LG 65SK8000

UltraHD 4K


UK7550 Review
  • LG 49UK7700
  • LG 55UK7700
  • LG 65UK7700
UK6950 Review
  • LG 43UK6950
  • LG 49UK6950
  • LG 55UK6500
  • LG 65UK6950
  • LG 70UK6950
UK6750 Review
  • LG 43UK6750
  • LG 50UK6750
  • LG 55UK6500
  • LG 65UK6750
UK6500 Review
  • LG 43UK6500
  • LG 50UK6500
  • LG 55UK6500
  • LG 65UK6500
  • LG 70UK6500
  • LG 75UK6500
  • LG 86UK6500
UK6470 Review
  • LG 43UK6470
  • LG 49UK6470
  • LG 55UK6470
  • LG 65UK6470
UK6300 Review
  • LG 43UK6300
  • LG 49UK6300
  • LG 55UK6300
  • LG 65UK6300


LK6100 Review
  • LG 32LK6100
  • LG 43LK6100
  • LG 49LK6100
LK6200 Review
  • LG 32LK6200
  • LG 43LK6200
  • LG 49LK6200

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