Wednesday, May 22, 2019

LG SM8200: The cheapest NanoCell. Not recommended

The LG SM8200 is the cheapest LG NanoCell of 2019. This TV has 4K resolution and is compatible with HDR10. The panel is EdgeLED so its uniformity is not as good as the FALD. IPS technology allows good viewing angles but loses in as it shows the deepest blacks. The SM8200 does not include the Alpha7 processor and is not compatible with the best HDR formats like DolvyVision, although the panel itself is 10 bits. The Smart platform is one of the best and includes the Magic Remote that facilitates the use of the platform, which includes all the necessary applications.
  • Pros: viewing angle, Smart, natural colors
  • Cons: Contrast, EdgeLED, HDR, 50Hz

Technical / Specifications:

Specs and comments are of the specific product,
the same model can undergo important variations
Screen: 49, 55 and 65* inches. Flat
Technology:  Processor Quad Core de 10 bits Local Dimming
PanelEdgeLED NanoCell IPS 8 bits + FRC
Resolution: 4K 
PQI2300Hz (50Hz)
Smart TVwebOS 4.5
  • 4xHDMI 
  • 2xUSB 
  • Bluetooth
  • Magic Reomte Control
  • Audio: 20W
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Design LG SM8200:

Alternative to LG SM8200?

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  • LG SM8500
  • Samsung Q70R
  • Sony XG8596

Our opinion LG SM8200 (veredict):

Our opinion about the LG SM8200 is not good in general, it is an IPS TV so it offers good viewing angles but the native 50Hz and the EdgeLED technology are specifications for mid-low range TVs, so its high price is not justified. Although being NanoCell colors are good, the uniformity of the panel and the level of blacks is not the best. The Smart platform is up, because it has the same as the TOP models LG 2019. Our advice is to buy a cheaper TV if we are not going to see the best HDR content and thus save a lot in our budget.

Model Name: What do LG TV 2019 model numbers mean?
  • LG 49SM8200PLA
  • LG 55SM8200PLA
  • LG 65SM8200PLA

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