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Best TV OLED LG C9 QLED 90R Sony AG9 Comparison

The comparison between the best TVs of 2019-2020. We selected these three models: Samsung Q90R, Sony AG9 and LG OLED C9 as the three best TVs of the year (with a high but reasonable price), leaving aside the expensive ZG9, W9 or Q900R.
These televisions share most specifications, and being high-end of course are: 4K, HDR, good Smart, excellent image quality in general, all necessary ports (* HDMI 2.1)
The LG and Sony are OLED and the Samsung Q90R is QLED. Difference between OLED and QLED

The Samsung Q90R offers images with vibrant colors, bright reflections, deep blacks ... In HDR, where brightness is most important, it is a TV that has no equal. In HDR it is not compatible with DolbyVision, but with HDR10 +

The LG C9 offers absolute blacks and unmatched by any technology other than OLED. The viewing angle is total and the brightness does not reach the level of QLED but it is more than enough. Pixel accuracy ensures that the HDR looks impressive. In this case there is support for DolbyVision but not HDR10 +

The Sony A9G shows the perfect blacks of OLED technology, has excellent viewing angles but is not brighter than Samsung. It is compatible with DolbyVision but with HDR10 +. The sound is superior to the rest of televisions in the market.

The main differences are that Samsung is brighter and LG and Sony OLEDs offer somewhat better uniformity and blacker blacks. Support for HDR DSolbyVision vs HDR10 + content. In addition, each one has its own Smart platform, they all work more or less the same. Sony Audio is superior to the rest.

The price of the Sony AG9 is much more expensive, the approximate price in 55 and 65 inches is:
Samsung Q90R
  • 55" ‎£1800
  • 65" ‎£2500
Sony AG9
  • 55" ‎£2400
  • 65" ‎£3000
  • 55" ‎£1800
  • 65" ‎£2600
The price of the Sony AG8 is more similar to the other two, so it should be the TV to consider, not the AG9. The AG8 is very similar, with something worse than Sony AG8 vs AG9 audio. Which one to choose?

Our score:
This score is totally subjective, it is formed from subjective personal sensations, different reviews and does not attend to technical aspects or numerical measurements.

Smsg Q90R LG C9 Sony AG9
Picture Quality 9,5 10 10
Movies 9,5 9,5 9,5
Angle vision 8,5 9,5 10
Sports 9,5 9 9
TVShows 9 9 9
Gamers 9 9 8,5
HDR 9,5 8,5 8,5
Smart 8,5 8,5 8,5
Audio 8,5 8,5 9,5
Value-price 7,5 8,5 8
Valuation 8,9 9 9,05


In a totally subjective way and without taking measurements into account we can say that the TVs we value are excellent, the truth or we expect less since its price is really high. If you are going to watch movies in the dark I would opt for the Sony AG9, which combines perfect blacks, incredible color with a good sound, but its price is too high, so I would look for the AG8. We recommend the Samsung more for bright rooms, to watch sports, ... The LG is for us the most balanced, it adapts better than Samsung to dark rooms and better than Sony to bright, and video games. If you buy any of these televisions you will not go wrong.

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