Thursday, February 28, 2019

Samsung Q90R: Best 4K TV of 2019? our review

The Samsung Q90R is the best 4K TV of the brand in 2019. Although there is a superior model: the Q950R which is 8K resolution. This Samsung Q90R is designed to compete with the best OLED TVs of other brands and although it loses in the level of blacks that can reach is an excellent TV. Another point where you try to compete is with the angle of vision, always something better on OLED TVs, adding Ultra Viewing Angle technology, which we think may harm a bit the depth of blacks. One of the aspects in image quality that makes it a superior model is the brightness and color it is capable of reproducing. The FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) screen with 480 zones guarantees excellent uniformity. It is a TV with excellent Smart and everything necessary compatible with all available formats, including a bit more like the One Connect connection box, voice control or the 6 speakers that provide 60W power.
  • The best: Colors, brightness, light control, extras ...
  • The worst: Price

Technical / Specifications:

Specs and comments are of the specific product,
the same model can undergo important variations
Screen: 55, 65 and 7inches. Flat
Technology: FALD QLED
Panel: 10bits Direct Full Array 10x
Resolution: 4K UHD 3840x2160 Supreme UHD Dimmng
PQI: 100Hz
Smart TVTizen
  • 4xHDMI 
  • 3xUSB 
  • One Connect
  • Audio: 60W
View all specifications (Samsung website)

Design Samsung Q90R:

Alternative to Samsung Q90R?

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  • LG C9
  • Samsung Q9FN
  • Sony AG8

Our opinion Samsung Q90R (veredict):

Our opinion about the Samsung Q90R is excellent. This TV is the best of the best of the 4K Ultra HD televisions of the year 2019. Waiting for the new OLED 2019 to compete directly in quality and price with the Samsung Q90R. This new TOP model gets close to the black level of OLEDs and improves other aspects, if it is not exclusively for watching movies we can say that QLED has managed to overcome OLED TVs, without retentions, light control, brightness level, .. The best TV to watch sports, gamers, watch TV and an excellent TV to watch movies too. If you have maximum budget, this is one candidate for: the Best TV of 2019.

Model Name: What do Samsung TV 2019 model numbers mean?
  • Samsung QE55Q90R
  • Samsung QE65Q90R
  • Samsung QE75Q90R

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