Wednesday, January 11, 2017

OLED vs QLED vs LCD-LED which is better?

LED technology came to the TV set a few years ago. Today LG stands out for its OLED panels, although at a price they can not compete with the mid-range televisions so at the moment most of the televisions are LCD-LED (called LED TV).

This year more brands are launched to OLED models (it seems that manufactured by LG) and Samsung presents its top models with a new designation: QLED televisions.

Which technology is better?

First of all we clarify that LCD-LEDs are not as "good" as other technologies but it has a price that fits all pockets, OLED or QLED models are all high-end (about 2000£ for 55 inches).

The best of OLEDs are their deep blacks, but they do not get peaks of brilliance as high as other technologies. QLED TVs are not enhanced OLEDs, it's a new quantum dots technology that aims to bring together the brightness and color gamut of LCD-LEDs with the deep blacks of OLEDs.

NanoCell: LG is not far behind and will compete with Samsung's QLED with its new NanoCell technology, LCD-LED with deep blacks and greater color palette.

It seems that the blacks of OLED TVs and their consequent contrast are still unequaled, although that is not all in the quality of image and the new technologies discussed, both QLED and NanoCell are approaching these levels. In addition, both technologies improve some of the OLED deficits, greater brightness, more durability, lower price, ... While waiting to see the reviews and decide if the contrast really comes close to the OLED.

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