Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What do Samsung TV 2019 model numbers mean?

Samsung 2019 TVs are named with letters and numbers that indicate different specifications of each model.

Example: Samsung UE55 * U8005XC
1-The first show us the area:
  • EU: Europe
  • UN: America
  • UA: Asia / Oceania
2-The numbers at the beginning are the screen size: 32, 43, 49, 55, ...

3- The first letters are the type of resolution / panel and also the year of the TV.
  • Q: QLED
  • NU: UltraHD (4K)
  • N: FullHD / HD ready
4- The last number is longer and is the series, the higher the number is supposed to be the better.
  • Samsung UE55 * U8005XC

5.- The final letters are not usually announced and they serve to identify the country where it was manufactured, what is supposed to be the language of the menus, etc.
  • (XU) United Kingdom
  • (XC) Spain, Portugal
  • (ZG) Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • (XE) Nordic countries
  • (ZF) France
  • (ZT) Italy
Ѕamsung UЕ55NU8005XC: Europe
Ѕamsung UЕ55NU8005XC: 55 inches
Ѕamsung UЕ55NU8005XC: year 2017
Ѕamsung UЕ55NU8005XC: UltraHD
Ѕamsung UЕ55NU8005XC: mid range
Ѕamsung UЕ55NU8005XC: Spain

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